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Hello dear,

Last years I’ve spent mostly on travelling. I’ve travelled all over the world sharing my passion for Ayurveda through workshops and consultations.
You know what I’ve understood?
That people get sick and unhappy mostly because of lack of proper information and knowledge.
Even if they get professional help, once they come back home, they start to follow their old habits. They come back to the same surrounding, which made them sick.
This made me wonder how can I support my clients in the healing process. To make it last longer then consultation or Panchakarma treatment in our clinic.
I know from my almost 20 years of healing experience, that giving advices and only talking about them brings a very short time influence. Experience - this is the moment, when the magic happens. When we start to understand the inner logic of instructions, that we need to follow.
Ayurveda has beautiful and long history. Its tradition is well known all over the world. Although, words which are used to describe it can be difficult to understand. So can be following the steps, which is more challenging especially in our modern world.
I’ve created the online courses offer for those, who look for joy during the learning process.
I believe, that when we study in friendly atmosphere, it becomes easier not only to understand, but also to implement the knowledge in our everyday life.
If you’re not pretty sure which course will match your needs, feel free to contact me. I will happy to help you in making this choice.

Peace and love,
Dr Shivani Sood

Transformation with Ayurveda

7 day online course

Next edition starts at 8th October 2018
Ayurveda is a great holistic approach, which is very wide. That’s why it needs a good roadmap. This course will help you find fundamentals with simplicity and concrete. This course is also great for consultants, who work with clients and want to give them simple suggestions how to implement Ayurveda to everyday life.

Shakti Empowerment

10 day online course

Next edition starts: more information soon
Being a woman is difficult. In modern world you have to have two faces. One of them is delicate and warm, second one strong and unbreakable. Is it possible to follow your heart and head in the same time? This course will help you to reconnect with your female power.

Ayurvedic Consultant Course Level 1

1 month online course

Next edition starts at 5th November 2018
After the completing this course, you will be able to bring the simple healthy changes into your life, which will be the most beneficial for your body and mind. You will have more awareness to what helps you keep in balance and what brings you joy. This course will give you the tools which we, as professional doctors, have been implementing during our consultations and treatments for last 17 years.

Ayurvedic Consultant Course Level 2

3 months online course

Next edition starts: more information soon
If you have finished the Level 1 and you would like to continue your journey with Ayurveda, this is the course for you.

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