Panchakarma Treatments

Heal your digestive system

We believe in the concept, “We radiate what we absorb in our body”. This quote means that the physical nature of our body is a mirror image of how different organs of our digestive system are absorbs the food we consume.
Do you feel gassy, bloated, acidic and uncomfortable in your stomach? Does you stomach produce sounds? Are you stressed or unhappy? These are the signs and ways through which your body is trying to show you that it needs rest, on physical level, mental level or both . It also means you need to detoxify your body, modify diet, and couple it with a change in your psychology thinking and closely observing your relationship or profession might be a good first step. A good digestive system in Ayurveda starts with having a good Agni.Agni or Digestive Fire is con-sidered as the most important element for a healthy body and mind. Ayurveda believes that the key to good health lies not only in what we eat, but more in the quality of our digestion. The first step in analyzing your digestion and checking if you have a good Agni is asking yourself the following questions: Do you tend to eat or not eat at all when you are stressed? Do you eat just because it comforts you? Do you all of a sudden become excessively hungry and everything that you eat sim-ply passes through you? All these symptoms are clear signs that you have an irregular or hyperac-tive Agni. In both cases, the digestive system does not function properly and can make you serious-ly sick. It can result in a low / inadequate / excessive level of acid, harmful for the digestive system

Some simple steps can be taken to strengthen our digestive system

  1. Detoxify all the organs of your body
  2. Relax your mind, which will help the nervous system to pay full attention on digestion process.
  3. Change the food habits according to your unique body type.
  4. Eat proper amounts of freshly prepared food regularly
  5. Take herbs – they are always recommended to promote digestion or to calm down the diges-tive system .
  6. Don’t drink too much water after food, that dilutes the acids
  7. Keep fat tissue in check which means maintain a healthy weight
  8. Never overeat, respect your digestive system’s capacities
  9. Ensure clean and regular elimination
  10. Follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle which includes self-care every day

Our clinic provides you a proper course in order to get initiated onto the path of a healthy mind, body and soul. We offer a unique combination of Ayurvedic healing and psychological solutions to all your problems. This includes Panchkarama procedures (marma, herbs, cleaning

strengthening) that are helpful in digestive disorders Ayurvedic along with understanding your mind and lifestyle helps to overcome all diseases of digestive system.

Thanks to our combined therapies, many patients have cured their food intolerance to various in-gredients, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, acid imbalance, ulcer etc

However it is important to make sure that the disease is not yet present in an active stage. For ex-ample it is not recommended to take any kind of intense detoxification to a patient with bleeding ulcer, as the body needs to heal first. The active disease should be treated before, so that the body can feel safe, relaxed and put full attention to detoxification and not to calm down the urgent prob-lem.

Taylor-made package of treatments is designed as per conditions .We welcome you at Shivani Ayurveda to learn heal or detoxify your digestive system, come with us not just to heal the symp-toms of your diseases but to completely heal the disease.

Heal Arthritis, Rheumatism and Osteoarthritis

Ayurvedic Approach To Healthy Joints

Nowadays, joint disorders affect millions of people. 80% of individuals over the age of 50 reported-ly have joint concerns of all types. Reasons range from obesity to heredity issues. Improper use of joints, overexertion, stress, diet and lifestyle contribute to develop the problem even further. We suggest our
patients to take care of their joint and back since an early age, especially if their prob-lems are
hereditary or due to sports.In our Clinic we have experience with treating all aspects: from
hereditary or due to sports.In our Clinic we have experience with treating all aspects: from
In Ayurveda, we refer to your general body type in order to heal your joints. At the same time, we emphasize on healing the other associated systems, which results in making the joints weak
A change in nutrition plan along with long-term prescribed herbs play an important role in healing the joints as joint healing requires time and patience. Sometimes one has to increase the metabolism in order to lose weight if weight is the reason of the joint problem.


Rheumatoid Arthritis is a type of autoimmune disease (where the body attacks its own cells) Though there is a lot of opinion difference in the causative factors of Rheumatism, a very important aspect is emotional imbalance combined with self-destructive thoughts and atendency to please
other people. This leads to internal stress and hence, causes autoimmunity. A psychological ap-proach to your life style and a better understanding of your stress is a mandatory criteria to heal. IntensivePanchakarma along with therapies like Kizhi / Janu Basti is recommended to heal the joints.

Osteoarthritis (Sandhivatt)

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic joints condition when the cartilage cushions at the end of the bones gradually lose their elasticity and wear away. Without the protective cartilage, bones begin to rub against each other, causing stiffness, inflammation and loss of movement capacity.
Osteoarthritis treatment therapies performed by current conventional medicine typically focus on pain reduction and control of inflammation. However, these approaches have no effect on the natural cause of the disease.
Common therapies done at Shivani Ayurveda in Panchkarma are Kati basti, Griva Basti, Hyrida Basti, Kizhi, along with massage with medical oil and a relaxing sauna bath. Additionally,intense detoxification helps to let out all the acid accumulated in the system. Alkaline food is mandatory to be followed strictly and special herbs like Rasna, Guggul and our other researched products speed up the process of healing.

Heal Depression, Anxiety and Burnout

Every person is special and needs to express his/her own needs and desires. Due to this, accumu-lated negative emotions can often manifest as depression, anxiety or burnout. These diseases are a clear indication that healing should be done to the whole nervous system and not just be done to subside its unpleasant symptoms.

Ayurvedic treatments work like the way fertilizers fix the nutrient value the soil and thus, con-tribute tosolving mental imbalances. For example, what do we do when a machine is not running properly? Of course, we don't just start shouting at it or trash it. In order to repair it, we open the instruction manual , try to find out the reason of defect and learn how to fix it. If the fault is complex, then we are even more motivated to discover and solve the problem.

If these are the intensive levels to which we can go to fix mere machines, then why are we not will-ing to spend same energy on getting to know ourselves and solve the mental challenges that appear in our lives? Why do we simply want the symptoms to disappear instead of working on healing the causes which create those symptoms in the first place? This happens because we are reluctant to admit that we have to know more about our mind and the way it thinks. Attempting to understand the mind and its qualities can be like playing with fire .Awareness is an extremely important factor present in mind but, paradoxically, we don’t focus on how to use it. The mind does not have any shape or form itself, it adapts to the chosen pattern. As mobility is the nature of mind, we need to learn how to overcome its chaotic rush, so that it can calm down and so can we.

Do you feel depressed?

A small but effective step to try when you are depressed / feeling low or stressed, try to focus on your body instead on your mind. First of all, start moving/walkin in order to shift the energy from the mind to the body. Drink some water and take a walk in the forest. It is easy to recognise who you are and what makes you happy provided you are ready to put your attention there . You are a unique combination of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Before you look for approval from others – check if you truly accept yourself. Whatever stops you to do it, let it go. Don’t overanalyse your emotions.
Every emotion is just a thought and every thought can be changed!

At Shivani Ayurveda, we help you alter your attitude and reactions through Panchakarma and vari-ous therapies that are offered. These therapies are complemented withnatural herbs which help you handle ailments, along with fresh sattvic food which is served during the treatments .The clinic team highly recoomends you to use natural methods to cure ailments instead of taking chemical pills We also provide online consultations to help you to understand our approach to the mind

Ayurvedic psychology and herbs are a way to understand and support the pa-tient through natural help, but when going through psychological imbalances or any psychiatric problems do not stop any chemical prescription from your doctor without his/her supervision as natural therapy is not a psychiatric treatment replacement but a support.

Infertility / sexual dysfunction / Potency increasing therapy

Though the basic treatment plan is for infertility, the same plan can also be modified for erectile dysfunction ,sexual libido enhancing and as a pre preparation for conception for any couple .
The Ayurvedic aim goes far beyond merely conceiving, instead its emphasis is on creating a child who is mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy — a wise and well balanced child who will contribute to society and become an enlightened citizen.

Robert and Maya (names changed) were married 8 years and since then had tried all sorts of helps to get Maya pregnant. Finally, they came to us seeking help. Robert was a successful German en-trepreneur who was very popular in his group, and Maya a very shy, introvert girl. At home, Maya’s mother was always repeating that she was not good enough, while Robert was absolutely loved by his parents. Maya’s behaviour was stiff and she always looked stressed. They were so focused on having a baby that they were losing the joy of being a couple. Through our treatments, they opened up as a couple , developed better way of understanding themselves and their relation with each oth-er .In fact, after their treatment, they conceived healthy and happy baby, who is now a child of 7 years today . Happiness prevailed in their life as they connected in a deeper manner through the natural help at Shivani Ayurveda without any hormonal induction or any chemical medicine use. This success was also a result of intense psychological consultations ,detoxification herbs and fer-tility enhancement therapy. Today they are not only healthy but also are balanced parents. Maya smiles, loves her son and enjoys the company of her husband. Such is the goal of natural help which is given to infertile couples.
While planning a baby, try natural help if you are not able to get pregnant. The combined elements will not only help you to have a healthy baby but also to deepen your relationship as a couple. We have worked with many couples who have done detoxification before planning their babies, to have a pure body and an energised sexual system, ready to conceive. We helped others to work out vari-ous layers of psychological blocks, stress and fears, which were hindering the pregnancy
A special diet plan is made up the child desiring couple based on Ayurvedic principles .For men, the goal is to have a better sperm count, quality and mobility. Whereas, for women, it is to be more alkaline and fertile. A relaxed environment instead of stress and pressure which is put on the aver-age couple today is a great way to conceive the twinkle of your life. There are also special treat-ments for women who have taken drugs in their early life, to repair and rejuvenate their uterus and tubes.
Even if you don't want to conceive, there is a value in enhancing the reproductive tissue (shukra). Shukra has a dual function, not only producing the sperm and ovum, but also ojas, the finest prod-uct of digestion. Ojas creates vigor, bliss, lightness, stamina, immunity, luster in the skin, sparkle in the eyes and clarity of mind. Thus, working on the reproductive system is always beneficial. Duration of the therapy: Three weeks to four weeks

Weight loss program

Unnecessary and additional kilos can be challenging! It is difficult not onlyfor the mind but for the body to carry. Difficulties in losing weight have been a topic of study and research for us, and we have found out many interesting results to why the people gain weight. In this era, almost everyone is extremely particular about every inch of their look, to get the perfect workout/bikini body, almost everyone is ready to relyon unnatural means like r plastic surgery or liposuction.Is this right? Well, it is not a subject which needs to be judged or criticised, but which needs a deep recog-nition: We, humans, are made to believe that we are not perfect. A perfect body is determined by one’s constitution. The body which is well built has good energy and metabolism along with a good immunity system – this is a perfect one!

As different types of bodies exists, modern science decided to call them Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph, whereas traditional Ayurvedic nomenclature calls it Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It is important at the very beginning to recognize your constitution and only then to take the steps for weight

reduction. Both Kapha and Pitta have the tendency to gain weight easily. But the one most susceptible to weight gain is Kapha, as it has less ability to build muscles and has a soft body con-stitution, which makes this body type vulnerable to have a lot of cellulite and blockages. If a Kapha type person adopts a diet without increasing their metabolism, the problem continues when they the

shift back to the old, regular eating pattern. Very quickly the old kilos are back, but due to dieting they manifest not in weaken muscles, but in fat tissue.

Many conventional weight loss tricks, like eating ten times small portions, are not good for the Kapha as many get triggered to eat more because of their love for food, and they end up eating a lot more than regular. A check on the preserved and packed food is a must due to their high sodium content which leads to water retention which a Kapha is prone to. The factors which bring slowness to body and mind, for example playing video games, watching television etc. have to be limited and replaced by some interesting outdoor activities rather than indoor gym

In Shivani Ayurveda clinic we try to design the weight loss program according to body type under-standing, plus analyze the mind to check if any psychological factor is hindering the weight loss. The whole program is focused on increasing the metabolism instead of plain weight loss.

“If you are going to love and understand your body and its need to gain weight or eat excessively, you are going to go far ahead than losing weight.”

peaceful, content and happier you. We are ready to support you in this process, with our intensive detoxification and special programs

Heal psoriasis, eczema & other skin diseases

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Moreover, it’s elastic, waterproof, lightproof, and self-mending. It renews constantly and adapts to fit us perfectly from childhood, through adulthood, to venerable old age. A healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy happy, light body,whereas a diseased skin not only needs topical application of creams but also a deep cleaning of all internal organs. Many skin diseases are autoimmune and are related to stress and emotions.
According to Ayurveda, untimely, improper eating habits clubbed with bad lifestyle vitiates the blood and in turn all the tissues. Thus, vitiated blood shows the symptoms of illness throughout the body, for example, by exhibiting on the skin through diseases like psoriasis, eczema, etc. Skin dis-ease treatment with Ayurveda needs patience as skin healing is always slow and requires not only the basic treatment, but also many changes of the diet and lifestyle.


It is a non-contagious common skin condition that causes rapid cell reproduction resulting in red, dry patches of thickened skin. The dry flakes and skin scales are thought to result from the rapid buildup of cells. Psoriasis commonly affects the skin of the elbows, knees and scalp.
Only after a proper counselling this is determined and a program is made. The program for psoria-sis, eczema and the skin diseases include the three-weeks intensive detoxification, along with herbal medicines to heal the skin, and an alkaline nutrition plan. Meditation and Pranayama to calm your mind can simultaneously heal your skin.

Meanwhile try this natural help if you are suffering from skin itching, psoriasis or eczema:

  1. Use baking soda to reduces itching: add 2 tbsp of baking soda to 1 bowl of water, soak a towel in the mixture, wring it out and apply on the skin as a compress;
  2. Expose your skin to the morning sun as its effective in reducing skin inflammation and scal-ing
  3. Take 1 glass of bitter gourd juice mixed with a lemon. Mix well and drink this every day on an empty stomach.

At Shivani Ayurveda we do Intensive detoxification to clean the liver and all the internal organs through panchkarma. We also prescribe an alkaline diet for faster healing along with application of special oil/natural paste as per the current condition

Note: Any active inflamed bleeding skin disease is not suitable for any Panchkarma therapy and needs to be healed with herbs first .

Heal fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterised by widespread musculoskeletal pain, accompanied by fa-tigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sen-sations by affecting the way in which your brain processes the pain signals. Again: the approach is in the brain and depends on how thoughts influence the body. Many times we were observing pa-tients with a difficult childhood or life to develop this syndrome. Symptoms sometimes begin after a physical trauma, surgery, infection or significant psychological stress. In other cases, symptoms gradually accumulate over time, with no single triggering event. Understanding that, we began with our detoxification plans not only to heal the body, but also the mind.

Women are much more likely to develop fibromyalgia than men. Many people who have fi-bromyalgia also have tension headaches, temporary mandibular joint disorders, irritable bowel syn-drome, anxiety and depression.AtShivani Ayurveda, detoxification is done and special therapies along with herbs for strengthening the body are given. The process starts with a mild detoxification of the vital organs to open all the body channels. If toxins continually aggravate in the nerve tissue then symptoms of tenderness, pain and hypersensitivity are present. Alkalization of the mind is done through talks and counselling. Therapies like Kizhi, Kati basti, Hridya basti, Griva basti are prescribed to nourish the muscles locally. Herbs to strengthen Vata are given to balance it in the whole body. This is also done through special rejuvenation enema, prepared from bone marrow of long animal bones, mixed with herbs for a period of 7–10 days for internal Vata balancing.

Duration of the therapy: four weeks minimum

Anti-ageing / Body beauty care

In Shivani Ayurveda clinic we believe that if you are clean and detoxified from inside, then it will radiate beauty on the outside. So food, thoughts and herbs are given as a part of this package. If you often find yourself feeling tired, achy and irritable, you might want to try a Detox anti-ageing treatment. Nowadays, early ageing is a big reason of anxiety and stress for one and all. Blame it on fast foods, incompatible diets and eating habits, food adulteration, modern sedentary lifestyles or even environmental impinge.

The signs of stress and ageing have become obvious and many are concerned about this! These in-cludes early greying of hair, dry and wrinkled skin, dark circles below the eyes, flabby skin, over-weight and even mental signs like forgetfulness, irritability or confusion. Before one plans to go in for artificial and synthetic means of cosmetology for anti-ageing, one must know all about what Ayurveda can do in order to keep you young and beautiful from inside and outside. Apart from pre-scribed therapies, the correction of the basic habits is important, which means eating right, drinking enough water, regular sleep, yoga or exercise.
Step one is always to detoxify through food, herbs and positive thinking, to stay happy and light, to be in love with yourself as ageing has a strong influence of ones thoughts. A wide range of Rasayana herbs (herbs for increasing the vitality and vigour of all systems) are useful. Apart from this regular massages it is good to do anti-ageing and rejuvenation therapy for the whole face and body skin, as well as massage to increase oxygenation.
Then a wide range of Ayurvedic Treatments is recommended for enhancing the use of herbal scrubs, massage oils and natural paste application. The proficient use of these products along the offered therapies helps to remove the dead skin from the body, giving it a polished and glowing complexion. All of this is done through our special herbal packs and scrubs made by us a per skin type. The result is that you shine from inside out, after these treatments. Along with this identifica-tion of one’s body type and changing the nutrition is also useful on a daily basis, as what we eat is also influencing our health.

Heal multiple sclerosis and other degenerative diseases

What is multiple sclerosis?
A part of neuron - brain nerve cell – is covered by a myelin sheath, which is protecting the cell and fastening the transport of nerve impulse. Under the auto-immunity multiple sclerosis, the myelin sheath is heavily damaged, what causes not only the corruption of communication in the nerve chain, but also slow degeneration of the nerve itself.

According to Ayurveda, Vata quality controls the overall level of balance and activation of the ner-vous system. MS is an example of classic Vata imbalance, responsible also for many conditions and symptoms, including: insomnia, pain, headaches, constipation, anxiety, worry and fear, fatigue, dry or rough skin, poor digestion, loss of weight and heightened sensitivity, lack of physical sensation (most common sign: the patient doesn’t feel a part of his body).

What treatment do we propose at Shivani Ayurveda ?

A long time treatment is needed for MS patients, who require at least 40–60 days of Ayurvedic therapy. After a mild detoxification, Rasayana therapy is given. For our patients we formulate a special Basti (enema), made out of animal bone marrow (Majja Basti), empowered by rejuvenating herbs. This is one of the special treatment the clinic has practiced successfully over the past years. The patient is counselled for checking his lifestyle and emotions in order to introduce various changes, suggested according to the therapy. One of the major suggestion is to make a change in the daily life and routine to balance the Vata dosha.

Other Autoimmune diseases

Vata imbalance is the origin of various degenerative diseases, like Parkinson, Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, osteoporosis, Huntington’s disease, keratoconus. In ancient Ayurvedic scriptures it is said that in all the doshas, body tissues and waste depend on Vata quality, because of its mobility. Like the wind takes clouds to any place it wants, same Vata moves other doshas to any place.
The interesting fact is that most of the Vata collected in the world nowadays is due to the emo-tional state of human mind. As said, stress is a perception in the brain which is eager to see what happens in the next step. This perception is creating a lot of diseases and problems, auto-immunity and degenerative diseases are one of them. In order to improve the state of your health, either work on prevention (by changing your belief system and stress factors before you get sick) or, in case of a degenerative illness, work hard on removing all these factors which have resulted to make you sick, and then watch

Disclaimer: All these advices are not substitute of Prescribed medicines for Acute and Chron-ic Diseases.