The Team

Our Team

“Talent wins games but teamwork along with intelligence builds championship”

We are a dedicated and dynamic team with rich experience and excellent references. Our professional therapists are there to help you cure and empower yourself. We want to understand your needs with love, so as to be able to provide you with support in the process of purification, and to give you proper preventive tools.

Our team lives our values and is there to joyfully offer you their services. So we have carefully selected our team members who enjoy their work and are very enthusiastic and dedicated.

The management team is headed by Surjeet Thakur, who joined our team in 2014. As a dedicated, dynamic person who knows well his responsibilities, he helps and guides our guests during the Panchakarma procedures and does his best to make their stay in our hotel comfortable. The staff in the Shivani Hotel work to assure our guests comfortable stay and to provide them the best organic Ayurvedic food. Our team is willing to guide visitors for sightseeing, tours or any other travel assistance required during their stay. We are also very supportive to women who plan to travel alone in this area and welcome them to stay with us.

The therapist team is headed by Pushpa Kumari who supervises the whole group and surveys our patients. She is a very friendly, loving and encouraging therapist who has been working with us for the last ten years. She is leading the team of five therapists who play different responsibilities in the Clinic, both women and men. The therapist professionally assist Panchakarma procedures and are also responsible for various therapies and massages under the guidance of our doctors. They are personally trained by the doctors, so are familiar with our methods and procedures. Routine classes are given to up skill them in new approaches and methods. Moreover many skilled teachers join us to offer workshops in yoga , healing and various other methods periodically .

The clinic invites women with a difficult past to join our team, so to empower them to build up their self-esteem by our techniques. They are then able to find their place in the society through this particularly precious work. Hence our team consists on very kind and loving people who create a safe environment to heal and detox. The clinic also supports Girl Child Education program for our staff and people in need from the unprivileged areas, especially for women who are destitute or widowed. This is a part of our Shakti Empowerment Project created to help girls in India.

We are really grateful to have such a dedicated, hardworking and loving team.

shivani ayurveda team
shivani ayurveda team