The transformative detoxification with which you can help multiple system imbalance and deeply connect you to your body.

This is an intensive 14  to 21 days clinical residential retreat programme in our clinic in Dharamshala under the guidance of highly internationally experience qualified doctor.

Booking starts from september

Through these treatment, you can treat multiple symptoms or chronic diseases through the science of Panchakarma. Our refined method is based on traditional techniques combined with modern studies on the needs and challenges we face in contemporary life, and considering all aspects of human nature.


You feel not connected to your body and are experiencing digestive system challenges like acidity, gases, and stomach pain.
Stress, tired, or experiencing depression anxiety and other nervous system problems.

Multiple health challenges which take a lot of energy from you and you miss a strategic plan to heal.

Hormonal challenges like thyroid problems, painful or irregular mensuration, infertility and sexual dysfunction.
Back pain, neck pain or experience tension in your whole body which does not get better by any other medicines.

Over worked, stuck, feel heavy and cant loose weight inspite of eating healthy.

Panchakarma alkalizes the body and mind and brings them to equilibrium.

Dr. Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1931) said: “No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.” Thereby keeping your body alkaline and rejuvenating makes a significant impact on your health

Our faulty diet, lifestyle, high-pressure lifestyle, rush, and toxins the food industry puts in us make it necessary to pause and cleanse our bodies.

In Ayurveda, Ama blocks the various channels and makes it difficult to absorb the good food we eat. Opening up the body and cleaning it does miracles to one’s health and makes any herb introduced later work more effectively.

For whom is this Panchakarma Treatment for ?

People who want intense detoxification and break their old patterns of imbalance.

Who wants to shower themselves with self love and rejuvenate.


People who have multiple diseases or symptoms and do not see results inspite of trying various things.


People who have low metabolism and want to loose weight.

You can only heal the body by understanding and healing the factors which made you sick.


Feel relaxed, rejuvenated and light

Purify and detox your body

Have better metabolism


Balance your hormones and heal the stress

Have improved digestive system

Have better immunity and strength

Strength your nervous system


Mental and emotional groundedness and clarity

Restoration of internal balance and a long lasting rejuvenated feeling.

Hello, I am




Dr. Mahesh Kumar has always been fascinated with the different ways science and tradition intermingle in the medical world. He started by completing his Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery in 1999, then earning his Diploma in Panchakarma from Kerala in 2002, and his Masters in Alternative Medicine in 2009.

His deep interest in Panchakarma brought him to South India, where he immersed himself in the hub of Ayurvedic medicine. While there, he discovered that Panchakarma is originally practiced as a relaxing treatment instead of a deeply radical cleansing and decided to include Marma treatments into his methodology, which allows for a faster client recovery.

Dr. Mahesh creates intensive treatment plans for patients using Ayurvedic herbs, therapies, and Panchkarma to heal chronic and acute problems.

As the Shivani Clinic founder, he has completed more than two thousand Panchakarma treatments, over 10,000 consultations, and 24 international projects.

Besides, he continues to research and work on the ancient science of Marma. He teaches specialized online programs for students who want to be trained in Marma and Ayurvedic therapies. This way, they can continue to offer treatments within the laws and resources available in the West.

The entire Panchakarma is based on healing your body and facilitating a deep – rooted release of stress that has sometimes been stored for years. Each step in the programme is purposeful and helps to restore your body’s innate healing ability.

The hue is done by stimulating the various channels such as sweat glands, blood vessels, lymphatic circulation, urinary tract and intestines


See what my students say about Panchakarma Treatment

“This is my 2nd vist to clinic, I arrived last spring. Weak, fragile with a compromised immune system a low W.B.C and R.B.C counting, low body weight after battling 3rd stage anal cancer and having massive radiation & chemotherapy.

After one year I returned now cancer free. A body that is restored, renewed, revived, and reclaimed. My W.B.C & R.B.C counts is normal. It was panchakarma that restored me. I will return every year as this has been the most sacred & holy gift I have ever given to myself. I am 60 and never felted more alive

I thank you all. Love & Peace”.



“The care from the skill of Dr Mahesh, the loving touch and gentle words of the staff, the balace of organic food from the hotel… such great support changes my attitude to self care

A little blessed oasis of healing love in a changing India with wisdom, knowledge, commitment, love, care and healing.

With much love and Gratitude”.


Kerry Wright

Sydney, Australia

“The most amazing result I experienced after Panchakarma was that my physical symptoms of PMS (breast pain, back pain, feeling swelling on face & leg) completely disappeared and emotional symptoms diminished 90% and my digestion become very good.

I am very happy, open and light. Even now that it has been 4 months that i finished the treatment but outcomes remain the same.

Thanks Shivani Clinic team”.

Carolina Saraiva

“Thank you for saving my life and re-connecting me with myself. When I arrived I was so sick that I could not walk or breathe easily. After 5 days of panchakarma I was feeling better and now that the treatment ended I am feeling very happy, energetic and back on the track. I had great experience and I am very positive going back to my country.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart”.

Rim Daghmouri



Book your Panchkarma retreat


Receive health giving series of therapeutic treatment based on your challenges


Restore your Internal balance and heal your health challenges


Feel mentally clear and rejuvenated


3 x 1:1 sessions with Dr Mahesh

These consultation will help you to understand why you are sick and how to take care of yourself after the treatment.

Panchakarma Treatment

For 7 to 21 days you will get 2 to 3 hours of treatment depending on your plan.


Accomodation in Hotel shivani international during your treatment.

Ayurvedic Meals

Three freshly prepared Satvik Ayurvedic Meals per day will be served to which will be prepared by our Chef.


Yoga & Meditation classes

Every Morning or Evening there will be yoga and meditation classes to help you experience stillness and peace.

Optional Sightseeing

We will arrange trips to take you around the town, so that you can do sightseeing during your stay.



A masterclass on Understanding Panchakarma therapy.


A free session of 30 minutes when you book the therapy.


A free post Panchakarma consultation one month after the treatment.

A record of the webinar on the art of eating to improve your eating habits.

Offers and discounts in our educational Programme.

Your Investment




“I hope that after level 2, there will be a level 3 and level 4 and level 5 and I will never stop learning from Dr. Shivani”.

~ Client of Shivani Ayurveda

“Studying ACOC-1 has been the best decision in 2019 so far”.

~ Client of Shivani Ayurveda

“The course helped me to dive deep into my mind and body and Dr. Shivani helped me find myself”.

~ Client of Shivani Ayurveda

“Through this course, I discovered the roots of my own problems not just in a health perspective but also in everyday decisions”.

~ Client of Shivani Ayurveda

Your health challenges with your mind and emotions. The nutritional challenges with psychology. Your relationship and health are all interconnected. 

A healthy body and mind is a state which can propel all your dreams and desires forward, if only you take the first step and join Ayurveda Consultant Course.


Its very simple, in Ayurveda the more time you will spend in preparing and opening the body , more toxins .  In any normal treatment we reduce the Doshas whereas in Panchkarma we remove the excess Dosha out of the body bringing it back to a balanced stage faster.


Does the clinic have food and stay ?
Right infront of the Clinic is our Hotel where we meet all our patients needs of food and accommodation.
What is special about this Clinic ?
The Doctor is highly experienced with International experience of 19 years planning and executing Panchakarma. He is a super specialist in designing plans which are safe and accessing clients body and health . Clinic is exclusively for Panchkarma treatment and doesn’t work as a wellness place. All medicines used are metal free and from reputed  companies of India , time tested for results.
All treatments are conducted hygienically.
Is it difficult to do Panchakarma ?
When you have your proper plan ,supervision of your Doctor  and the understanding why you are doing this treatment then you do not find it difficult to do treatment . Its all done in a gentle and supportive environment with high level professionals . So just trust your body with us.


Let’s stay in touch

Whether you have questions about Ayurveda or you need personal support and you are interested in 1:1 Ayurveda Consultation please contact me on

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