Infertility / sexual dysfunction / Potency increasing

Though the basic treatment plan is for infertility the same plan is also can be modified for erectile dysfunction , sexual libido enhancing and as a pre preparation for conception for any couple .

The Ayurvedic aim goes far beyond merely conceiving. Instead the emphasis is on creating a child who is mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy — a wise and well balanced child who will contribute to society and become an enlightened citizen.

Robert and Maya (names changed) were married 8 years and since then they tried all sorts of helps to get Maya pregnant.

Finally, they came to us seeking help. Robert was a successful German en-trepreneur who was very popular in his group, and Maya a very shy, introvert girl. At home, Maya’s mother was always repeating that she was not good enough, while Robert was absolutely loved by his parents. Maya’s behaviour was stiff and she always looked stressed. They were so focused on having a baby that they were losing the joy of being a couple. Through our treatments, they opened up as a couple , developed better way of understanding themselves and their relation with each oth-er .In fact, after their treatment, they conceived healthy and happy baby, who is now a child of 7 years today . Happiness prevailed in their life as they connected in a deeper manner through the natural help at Shivani Ayurveda without any hormonal induction or any chemical medicine use. This success was also a result of intense psychological consultations ,detoxification herbs and fer-tility enhancement therapy. Today they are not only healthy but also are balanced parents. Maya smiles, loves her son and enjoys the company of her husband. Such is the goal of natural help which is given to infertile couples.
While planning a baby, try natural help if you are not able to get pregnant. The combined elements will not only help you to have a healthy baby but also to deepen your relationship as a couple. We have worked with many couples who have done detoxification before planning their babies, to have a pure body and an energised sexual system, ready to conceive. We helped others to work out vari-ous layers of psychological blocks, stress and fears, which were hindering the pregnancy.
A special diet plan is made up the child desiring couple based on Ayurvedic principles .For men, the goal is to have a better sperm count, quality and mobility. Whereas, for women, it is to be more alkaline and fertile. A relaxed environment instead of stress and pressure which is put on the aver-age couple today is a great way to conceive the twinkle of your life. There are also special treat-ments for women who have taken drugs in their early life, to repair and rejuvenate their uterus and tubes.
Even if you don’t want to conceive, there is a value in enhancing the reproductive tissue (shukra). Shukra has a dual function, not only producing the sperm and ovum, but also ojas, the finest prod-uct of digestion. Ojas creates vigor, bliss, lightness, stamina, immunity, luster in the skin, sparkle in the eyes and clarity of mind. Thus, working on the reproductive system is always beneficial. Duration of the therapy: Three weeks to four week.