Weight loss program

Unnecessary, additional kilos can be challenging! It is difficult for the mind but for the body to carry. Difficulties to lose weight has been a topic of study also for us and researching on this we found out many interesting results to why the people gain weight . In this era, al-most everyone is so particular about every inch of the look, whether going for plastic sur-gery or liposuction, ,many are ready to do everything to get the perfect workout or bikini body.

Is that right? Well, it is not a subject which needs to be judged or criticised, but which needs a deep recognition: we,humans, are made to believe that we are not perfect. A perfect body is determined by one’s constitution. The body which is well built, has good energy and metabolism along with a good immunity system – this is a perfect one!

As different types of body exists, modern science decided to call them Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph, whereas traditional Ayurvedic nomenclature calls it Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It is important at the very beginning to recognize your constitution and only then to take the steps for weight reduction. Both Kapha and Pitta have the tendency to gain weight easily. But the one most susceptible to weight gain is Kapha, as it has less ability to build muscles and has a soft body constitution, which makes this body type vulnerable to have a lot of cellulite and blockages. If a Kapha type person adopt a diet without increasing the metabolism, the problem continues when they the shift back to the old, regular eating pattern. Very quickly the old kilos are back, but due to dieting they manifest not in weaken muscles, but in fat tissue.

Many conventional weight loss tricks, like eating ten times small portions, are not good for the Kapha as many get triggered to eat more because of their love for food, and they end up eating a lot more than regular. A check on the preserved and packed food is a must due to their high sodium content which leads to water retention which a Kapha is prone to. The factors which bring slowness to body and mind, for example playing video games, watching television etc. have to be limited and replaced by some interesting outdoor activities ra-ther than indoor gym .

In Shivani Ayurveda clinic we try to design the weight loss program according to body type under-standing, plus analyze the mind to check if any psychological factor is hindering the weight loss. The whole program is focusing on increasing the metabolism instead of the plain weight loss.

“If you are going to love and understand your body and its need to gain weight or eat excessively, you are going to go far ahead than losing weight.” The weight loss will be inevitable along with a peaceful, content and happier you. We are ready to support you in this process, with our intensive detoxification and special programs.