Ayurvedic Products

Our Ayurvedic Products

We at Shivani Ayurveda are not using metallic compounds in our medicine and are using organic herbal medicines which are without chemicals and preservatives in our practice since 2001 .This is due to the controversy of metallurgy in medicines and the International laws . So you can feel safe when you go back from India after your treatments and hear about heavy metals in Ayurvedic medicines . Also all our panchakarma medicines / oils / cleansing medicines given during treatment are free from metallic compounds and are of the highest quality and standards picked up from the best companies in India

Thus we keep our trademark of doing our Ayurvedic services with the best of the products and select the best products from each company suitable to the needs of the patients in our pharmacy . We have a wide range of companies like AVP ( Coimbatore) , Nagarjuna ,Kerala Ayurveda, Dootpapeshwar , Dr Vashishts , Amrita drugs, Maharishi Ayurveda , Classic Ayurveda in our pharmacy for patients.The companies also show us their research , development work, clinical trails , ingredients through their pharmaceutical representative before we take their samples or even buy them for our patients. This is done to pre check their efficiency and safety before we start to try them on our patients . Then we use samples of the medicines in our clinical trial on respective patients and take feedback on improvement .The medicines which work good and show result are retained in our pharmacy and are used for patients.Thus we use the medicines of highest quality and in the right quantity for our patients makes our detoxification great and safe .We offer this wide range of selection currently only to our patients .Apart from this we have our own formulation for panchkarama which is used for internal administration . We also mix various oils to create our own mixed of oil for various therapies and panchkarama procedures . After the Panchakarma one can also buy the products to rejuvenate or to continue the prescribed herbs for a longer period from us . Soon we will be launching our online sale of medicines to make it easier to buy products from us

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