Education Courses at Shivani Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Consultant Course

Our Motivation:
Dr Shivani Sood, the founder of this course, during her education and practise, re-alised that impressions from one’s childhood are deeply imprinted in the body even when erased from the mind. She strongly believes that this primarily occurs because the mind has its own interpretation of every event .Thereby, her life’s work revolves around designing courses which are targeted first on self-healing, and then eventually to be implemented for professional use.

Who is an Ayurvedic Consultant?

Many places offer massage courses and therapies , but we mainly specialise in training consultants. A consultant is a person who can do an intensive case studies and use Ayurvedic techniques in order to guide his/her clients on how to sustain a good health. A consultant can help identify diseases in patients and help them improve their lifestyle and ways of thinking .
A consultant also analyses a patient’s life history and helps in recognising the origins of various psychological factors that influence the patient’s current belief system. This course is highly beneficial for yoga teachers , Ayurvedic doctors , therapists, nurses, alternative health practitioners and students of any health field who want knowledge about Ayurvedic principles and use it for the benefit of others.

  • Ayurvedic Empowerment Course

    Duration : 5 days

    Aim: Power pack of self understanding and love through Ayurvedic principles Learning constitution analysis with easy tools of check up Comparison in between what body type you are born as and what body the you are now

    Learn the basic diagnostic concepts of Ayurveda Basics of nutrition

    A short introduction of food for body types along with sample diets

    A cooking class / recipes for tridoshic Ayurvedic food

    Course charges : 6000 INR / 100 $ along with notes

  • Ayurvedic Consultant Course

    Course duration: 4 weeks

    • Introduction to Ayurveda - Dosha
    • Dosha and the physical body
    • Dosha and psychology
    • Classifying and evaluating various diseases according to Doshas Learning Constitutions:
    • Prakriti (The natural constitution of a person)
    • Vikriti (The current health status of a person)
    • Dosha and food groups - Learning fundamentals of food groups
    • Menu designing for different body types
    • Food and its impact on mind
    • Menu Planning for balancing emotions
    • Diagnostic principles of Ayurveda: A practical approach - Basic study of Ama ( Toxins )
    • Advantages of detoxification
    • Steps to detoxify at home
    • Recipes for cooking detoxification food - Readings
    • Basics of pulse reading
    • Basics of tongue reading
    • Basics of urine reading - Ayurvedic psychology : An approach to understanding the mind
    • Understanding different classifications of the mind
    • Habits and its impact on mind
    • Childhood and its impact on mind
    • Study of types and features of mental qualities: Gunna, Sattva , Rajas, Tamas in relation with Doshas
    • Tests to evaluate the mind Learning the art of Ayurvedic history taking
    • Evaluating history and giving advice Releasing and Balancing emotions
    • Tools to help psychological imbalance from Ayurveda Integration of all learning
    • Course charges : 25000 INR ( 400 $) Along with course material and certification
  • Ayurvedic Consultant Course: Level 2 (To be a professional consultant)

    Duration : 10 weeks

    • Review and practical application of the studies done in first month
    • Concepts of Ayurveda from Ashtanga Hyridayam
    • Studying nutrition in more details to understand how to use food for healing and therapy
    • Details of every food and how to synchronise it as per body type
    • Food combinations which are beneficial/ should be avoided
    • Study of food supplements
    • Study of common herbs and their uses
    • Common medicines in Ayurveda and their use
    • Learning to use various oil and its combinations according to the dishes
    • Study of 10 case studies provided by the clinic to learn how to analyse and give advices
    • Common Diseases and their Ayurvedic approach
    • Articulation diseases
    • Digestive system disease
    • Back problems
    • Respiratory system diseases
    • Nervous system diseases
    • Depression , anxiety , OCD and other physiological imbalance
    • Diabetes
    • Cancer
    • Skin diseases
    • Fibromylagia , Burnout and the Autoimmune diseases
    • Practise of case study by the students under the guidance of the Doctor
    • Ayurvedic cooking practicals to learn to cook Vata / Pitta / Kapha style
    • Practical internship in the clinic for 40 hours based on the course syllabus , doing case studies , writing articles on various topics , examine patients
    • Final evaluation done via exams and practicals
    • Course Charges only : 75000 INR along with course material and certification
  • Shakti Empowerment

    Duration : 10 hours
    • Description: Are you a female who is juggling in between a successful career and household responsibility? If yes, then our Shakti Empowerment course is ideal for you.
    • This course, exclusively designed for females to be more happy and peaceful Syllabus:
    • Types of females and their characteristics
    • Being a female: Challenges Vs Blessings
    • Understanding your female tree and its roots
    • Handling the feminine energy - Understanding Doshas and its ph
    • Checking your Prakriti ( body type ) and Vikriti ( Imbalance)
    • Understanding the activities which promote female energy in the body
    • Herbs for female system and its common diseases
    • Stress management teqniques for women who are multitasking
    • A special detoxification programme for females and exercises to feel their feminine side
    • Course Charges : 10000 INR ( 150 dollars )
  • Study the courses Online

    • All the courses of Consultant can be studied online Via notes / Skype lessons. Please email us to get it strategy and the course lesson modules , evaluation and the complete plan for the same.
    • Course number II and III shall include Skype hours with the Doctors
  • Study in a collaboration Centre

    • Currently we have only one collaboration centre for training Ayurvedic consultant which is certified by us.
    • The Consultant course can also be done in Polish from our collaboration centre ‘Agni Ayurveda’ under the guidance of Maria Nowak Szabat, a trained consultant psychologist in affiliation with the clinic.
  • One can also finish the course and affiliate with us to train consultants under our guidelines.

  • Yoga the Spiritual way

    Every evening in the clinic is dedicated to offering yoga / meditation under the guidance of various guest teachers who are yogis and healers in spiritual style. This includes yoga along with mantra chantings , meditations and weekly programmed for different system healing . It is also possible to drop in these classes Monday - Friday . For ongoing programmes, please email us.

  • Ayurvedic Franchisee

    We have researched a lot on our detoxification procedures (Panchkarma),therapies and healing techniques to make a style of practise that is suited to today’s lifestyle . If you are interested, we also have a franchisee opening programme in which we will train your team to do therapies and Panchkarama in our style in any country. Please contact us for more information regarding this if you are interested .