Emotional Eating and Hormonal Management

Break the emotional eating habits and take control over your life.

This course will help women break the paradigm of weight gain by teaching them effective solutions for emotional eating stress and hormonal management

Are You

Having doubts about your relationship with food.

Feeling stressed and you can't express yourself in a proper way.


Having hormonal imbalances, and you wish to improve your health.


Willing to have more tools to advise your clients about the relation between food & emotions.

If you said YES to any of these reasons, then this training is right for you!

Thanks to this course you will:


Learn the strategic road map to developing a good relationship with food.


Understand all the aspects of emotional eating.


Get the complete meditation sequence to help heal emotional eating.


Receive exercises to help you find the balance within.


Reconnect with your internal stress system and learn how to resolve it.


Learn how to communicate with others and feel more peaceful.


Check where you are stuck and how to take action on it.


Balance your hormonal and lymphatic system.


Bring more clarity into your mind.

Who this course is for:


Everyone who feels stuck in their life and is eating their emotions.


Those who feel stressed and don’t know how to manage and balance it.

People with hormonal imbalances, and those who feel that they can’t express themselves.
Yoga teachers, coaches, and Ayurvedic practitioners who work with people with above problems.

What does this Course looks like?

Day 1: Concepts of Emotional Eating

Learn where emotional eating comes from, how to balance it, and what are the solutions for various kinds of cravings. You will also receive a BONUS recipe for healthy protein snacks. Day 1 includes a meditation for reducing emotional eating and centering yourself.

Day 2: Managing and Calming Stress

Understand where does the stress come from, and what kind of mindset will help you speak up and achieve your goals. You will also receive exercises, tips, and advise on herbs to help reduce stress.

Day 2 includes a meditation for calming down stress and removing mental clutter.

Day 3: Balancing Hormones and Lymphatic System

Stress affects our hormones and hormonal imbalance creates stress, which further affects the lymphatic system. Learn how to balance the hormones naturally with gentle herbal support.

Day 3 includes a meditation for hormonal and lymphatic balance.

Day 4: Improving Relationships and Communication Skills

Healthy relationships will improve your wellbeing, but unhealthy relationships will cause further stress. Learn how important it is to express your needs openly, and understand the needs of others, in order to avoid misunderstandings and feeling of pressure.

Day 4 includes a meditation for opening yourself up and building confidence to express yourself.

Day 5: Recorded Q & A

Ask your questions and get answers from Dr. Shivani during an online Zoom meeting.

Hello, I am



In 2003 I was wrongly diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My fingers were crooked, I suffered a lot from the pain and a lack of vitality. Conventional medicine told me, I will stay that way forever. Luckily it turned out, it was just a streptococcal infection.

That incident made me come back to Ayurveda. I promised to myself I will not be an Ayurvedic doctor who only prescribes herbal medicine. I wanted to help people heal holistically, and I especially became interested in the psychological aspects of humans well being. In later years it became a strong foundation of my work.

I am an Ayurvedic doctor with 18+ years of work experience. I had thousands of 1:1 consultations, 36 international projects in Europe and the US, and I am actively working in my clinic in India. I was also featured on the major affiliate channels in the US for helping holistic practitioners to learn Ayurvedic Consultancy. All of that made me realise that Ayurveda needs to be taught totally differently when brought to the Western world.

With the growing popularity of holistic practices in the west, I found that integrating Ayurvedic Consultancy in holistic and medical practitioners practice helps them improve their client’s health in a much more advanced and effective manner. That’s how I started to train Ayurvedic Consultants to help people who live in the modern western lifestyle.

Today, trained and working consultants in over 44 countries are working with my signature technique. I am spreading Ayurvedic knowledge as the president of the Association and honorary member of the Polish Association Prana.

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