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Coaching/Teaching lovers of Ayurveda how to use ancient knowledge to heal mental and physical issues of the 21st century. Providing a community for Ayurvedic consultants to balance themselves and grow their consultancy business.

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Shivani Ayurveda
The program details are below:🎉World Ayurveda Day 2021🎉This year students of Shivani Ayurveda ACOC 2 will celebrate World Ayurveda Day under the theme ”HOW TO INCORPORATE AYURVEDA INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE?”Don’t miss our Facebook live streaming taking place next Monday 1st November at 12:00 pm CET, 3:30 pm IST TIMEIn this LIVE they will cover the following topics:👩🏼‍🍳How to cook using ayurvedic principles? - Agnieszka Warzocha👩🏻‍💻How to implement Ayurveda in corporate life? - Anna Cybulska 🎨The power of colours in Ayurveda - Magdalena Kin🙋🏼‍♀️How to feel healthier and happier with Ayurveda? - Marina Vasilieva🌿How to balance our doshas using essential oils? - Ola MielochAt the end our special guest Dr. Shivani Sood will tell us what are the most important tips for Ayurvedic beginners. See you there! ... See MoreSee Less
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