Strengthen your Kidneys and recover from adrenal fatigue

Strengthen your Kidney with Ayurveda” is a comprehensive masterclass helping you understand not only the functions of kidneys but also the reasons for this condition and providing you with simple ways to recover.

With this course, you can learn how to take care of your kidneys and strengthen your adrenal lungs.

Watch the video to check the kidney healing symptoms.

In most of my consultations, the most common topic I have heard was energy issues – either unstable, up and down energy or low levels of energy or even burnouts.

Good kidneys help better absorb minerals and filter out toxins so that we feel rightly nourished and have more energy.

Out of 10 weak kidney symptoms, most people had 6-7, yet ignored as they were expecting acute symptoms. I always advised my patients to take care of their kidneys to help them feel better.

Often, however, I felt that there was not enough time and support to do it. And to take complete care education is so important!

It’s the main reason why I decided to create a master class on kidneys and adrenal fatigue support.


Module 1

Physiology and Functions of the Kidney

Module 2

Three types of kidney problems as per Dosha and how to overcome it.

Module 3

Psychological connections of the kidney and how to overcome it.

Module 4

Ways to strengthen your kidney and make it better.

Your Investment


“If you are facing life stress, pressure, worries and you are constantly tired and have problems with insomnia this course is about strengthening Your kidneys. It’s for you! You will find great advice about your lifestyle, herbs, nourishing food and recipes, and healthy meals which one you can implement step by step in your life. Easily arranged and explained!!

It’s amazing how this knowledge can help you with your health problems and your family!!!

I really encourage you for this course. It is great and very helpful!!!