10-week online certification (ATCL-1) program for becoming a Marma Therapist starting 1st October.

This course is exclusively designed for Ayurvedic Therapist and Consultant to integrate Marma therapy in their practise.This online certification course includes everything you need to start meeting with clients.

Through these teachings, you will understand the dynamic of marma and their role in helping us identifying and treat many diseases of physical and psychological nature.

Who is this course for ?

People who want to:

Dive deeper into Ayurvedic Marma Science to properly learn and understand this ancient medicine and to implement it in the modern times.
Learn and understand a connection between body and mind through the science of Marma.
Improve their own physical and emotional health. 
Start a 1:1 Marma sessions with clients or just simply help their loved ones and friends.
Ayurvedic therapist
Ayurvedic consultant

When you sign up to ATCL-1 course you will:

An important tool to add to your hoslistic practice.

You will learn Anatomy and physiology of the body.


Learn 107 Marma locations, function, uses and how to deal with health problems through it.

Get practical knowledge of using Marma therapy for various body systems.

Major precaution on how to use this therapy without any side effects.

Get a structure to know exact by what to do and how to lead a marma session according to ailments.
Keep safe boundaries from your clients and practise Marma Therapy with confidence.

Knowledge of meridians, chakras and herbs to assist your knowledge.

Learn and certify from source – Indian Ayurvedic Doctor with 19+ years of International experiences.

Hello, I am




Dr. Mahesh Kumar has always been fascinated with the different ways science and tradition intermingle in the medical world. He started by completing his Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery in 1999, then earning his Diploma in Panchakarma from Kerala in 2002, and his Masters in Alternative Medicine in 2009.

His deep interest in Panchakarma brought him to South India, where he immersed himself in the hub of Ayurvedic medicine. While there, he discovered that Panchakarma is originally practiced as a relaxing treatment instead of a deeply radical cleansing and decided to include Marma treatments into his methodology, which allows for a faster client recovery.

Dr. Mahesh creates intensive treatment plans for patients using Ayurvedic herbs, therapies, and Panchkarma to heal chronic and acute problems.

As the Shivani Clinic founder, he has completed more than two thousand Panchakarma treatments, over 10,000 consultations, and 24 international projects.

Besides, he continues to research and work on the ancient science of Marma. He teaches specialized online programs for students who want to be trained in Marma and Ayurvedic therapies. This way, they can continue to offer treatments within the laws and resources available in the West.


Our technology is expanding very fast, but our consciousness is contracting. Marma is the gift received from Ancient sages called the doorway into our body and consciousness.

It works on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level and can create dramatic shifts in the body. This ancient science can help you take your clients to higher realms of consciousness. From that place, a person can move forward with self-care, creativity, and renewed energy.


See what my students say about Ancient Science of Marma (ATCL -1)

“I had doubts if it is possible to learn marma online but the course was great, prepared well. The knowledge was given in a very clear and complete way. I recommend it to every Ayurveda Consultant”.

Malgosia Malczak

ATCL - 1 Course

“Thank you very much Dr Mahesh for the opportunity to learn from you. For your knowledge, for your open heart and your understanding patience.

I am very glad, it was a good decision”.

Beata Siedziukiewicz

ATCL - 1 Course

“I have been searching marma teacher for some time, because I am therapist I doubted if I could learn online but it was a good idea. And the best thing is that you learn not only marma but also reflexology.

I feel like Dr Mahesh gave me a magic wand that makes my work with client more effective. I am ready for second level”.

Ewa Szydlowska

ATCL-1 Couse

“I had some concern before starting the course, because I am not a therapist and working online seemed to be difficult form of transferring this knowledge.

Now I think it was a very good decision, course was well prepared in terms of materials and instructional videos. Dr Mahesh is a great man with enormous knowledge.“.

Agnieska Kania

ATCL -1 Course



Join Ancient Science of Marma Level 1


Get knowledge and tools to help others 


Faster results to your clients by adding marma therapy to your practise.


Help your clients and thrive as a great marma therapist.



2 additional live class with Dr mahesh for doubt clearing.
– $150 value


Masterclass on Chakras
– $100 value


This course is structured in a way to help you to integrate marma therapy in your practise.

10 weeks duration

You will need around 60-90 min per day to study. It ends with an exam for certification ($80 fee)


Dedicated space where you’ll find all workbooks, lessons & exercises. Access for 12 months

34 videos

With over 7-hours of video lectures and approx. 150 pages PDFs with Ayurvedic content

Weekly Live Classes

To clarify and answer your questions. Every Friday 10:30 AM IST. Weekly live classes will be recorded as well.


lessons per week

Fun and easy to follow with homework after every lesson to reinforce your learning


Clear cut structure of diagnostic with practical solutions, based on my years of international practice


Private What’s App group of like-minded people and my guidance as you go through the modules


The next edition of the Marma course will start on 1st October 2023. If you wish to receive information about this upcoming 4th edition, please join a waiting list below. You will be first to notify about details and availability. Sign up now to get some exciting offers:



“I would recommend this course to anyone who works with the body, masseurs, physiotherapists and consultants, therapists.”

~ Student of ATCL-1

“Course is efficient, clear and ready to work profesionally.”

~ Student of ATCL-1

“The knowledge was given in a very clear and complex way, now only practice is necessary “.

~ Student of ATCL-1

“I was able to deepen my knowledge and hopefully start using it in my personal and professional life.”

~ Student of ATCL-1


How will the course change your life ?
  • It will give faster results to their clients.
  • It will give more healing options to consultant.
  • Consultant can make packages to sell.
What will you get from the video ?
  • Accurate location of each marma point.
  • How to activate and work on each marma.
  • How to balance and connect the marma.
  • Accurate location of reflexology point.
  • How to work on specific disease by working on specific system.
Shortcut methods to help.
  • Can work only by few marma points to release specific emotions, and release specific pain.
  • Certain points are there for stress, sleep, pain cold, headache, etc.
  • Consultant can teach few points to their client.
My english is not perfect / i AM WORRIED ABOUT LANGUAGE BARRIER.

Many non-English speaking students have successfully completed the course and passed the exam for certification. With the video platform, you can pause it, go back to previous lessons and modules you can also translate PDFs.  There is no time limit for this course so you can go through with your own phase. There are no marks allotted for being grammatically correct or incorrect ;), and our support group is a safe space that offers help and understanding.