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Dr. Sood is happy to offer you in-depth consultations, where she will share her expertise and years of experience, to accurately evaluate your situation according to ayurvedic principles. She will determine the imbalances that lay at the root of any health problems you are experiencing, and present you with a unique health care plan.
This will help to clear up any confusion you might be having, and is the ideal way for you to start your journey to a healthier disease free life. Dr. Sood will be there to guide and support you, so that you can learn how to make the best decisions for yourself, and ultimately regain control of your own wellbeing.

“Dr. Shivani Sood raises the bar for competence, compassion and caring. She completely embodies a highly realized human being. Her consciousness really moves me. Her training, experience, and skill are very special and her work has been life transforming for me. I feel that everyone helped me become my greatest version”

- R.S, yoga teacher, wife, mother.

What does consultation include?

At your initial consultation, be prepared to talk about yourself in detail. Ayurvedic healing is based on creating balance in all areas of life, so the Dr. Sood will use various diagnostic techniques to examine your body as well as taking an extensive personal and medical history.
Areas you will look into include (but are not limited to) your relationships, mental wellbeing, and habits, along with aspects of your daily life, from diet to professional and home environment. Based on this Dr. Sood will be able to identify potential causes of imbalance, and will give you personalised advice about how to work with any problems you might be having.
If you are able to come and meet Dr. Sood in person, you can also expect a physical examination tailored to whichever health issues you present, along with traditional Ayurvedic pulse reading.

Skype or phone consultations

If you are unable to come and meet her in person, Dr. Sood is happy to give consultations via phone or Skype. These sessions will cover the same topics as the regular consultations (without the pulse reading) and are an effective way to receive professional and experienced advice from the comfort of your own home.
This type of consultation can also be useful for past patients as a follow-up service to answer any further questions you might have, depending on your needs.
Before your consultation, you will need to fill out a detailed questionnaire that Dr. Sood has designed, so that she can make a quick, accurate diagnosis and you can get the most out of your time together. This can be done by email.
Consultation Charges : 100 $ for an hour.

What will you learn?

Here at the Shivani Clinic, we want you to help you to learn about your own health balance, so during your consultation we aim to teach you useful information that you can use for many years to come.

  • Dr. Sood will present you with an Ayurvedic description of; Your current state of mental and physical balance Your dosha (personal constitution) Your level of ama (accumulated metabolic waste or toxins)
  • You will get and understanding of nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances that are be contributing to your symptoms
  • Learn which type of foods you need and which type of foods to avoid
  • You will learn which dietary, environmental and emotional factors are contributing to your current health issues, and how to transform them into health-promoting ones
  • You will learn how to care for your unique mind-body system to remain healthy long term

What health benefits can you expect to see?

During the consultation you will be given an ayurvedic understanding of any diseases or chronic health conditions you may have. If you follow the advice on how to adapt your lifestyle and heal these diseases naturally, you can expect;

  • More energy, lightness, and clarity
  • Sense of well-being
  • Freedom from cravings
  • Stabilised body weight (either losing weight more easily or gaining weight by improving nutritional absorption)
  • Stabilised metabolism
  • Awareness of your emotional needs
  • Reduction in symptoms of chronic health problems
  • Stronger immune system

What kind of advice will you receive?

Dr. Sood will give you recommendations in a few different areas that are specifically designed to target the root cause of any problems you are having. Implementing these changes in your life will lead you to sustainable health balance, and make sure any problems are less likely to reoccur in the future.

You will be given advice in the following areas;

  • Specific dietary recommendations to promote balance in your body so it can start to heal itself
  • Prescription of selected herbal supplements to help heal your symptoms
  • Lifestyle recommendations appropriate for your dosha (personal constitution)
  • Stress reduction techniques that fit into your lifestyle
  • Purification and internal cleansing approaches when appropriate

In some cases Dr. Sood may suggest that a further evaluation of your health conditions is necessary. This may include advising standard medical diagnostic tests in the case of acute or extreme health problems.

Follow-up Consultation (1 hour)

For anyone who has been a patient of ours, or who has had an initial consultation already, we can offer you follow-up consultations. This is a great option if you feel like you just need to check in. In these sessions we can go through and answer questions about any problems you might be having. Our slogan is ‘empower yourself’, making sure you are successful in your healing process is our goal. We want to help you to maintain the happiness, and lightness that you discovered with our therapies and panchakarma.
Consultation charges: 70 $

Psychological consultation (3 hours minimum)

Dr. Sood has been working as an Ayurvedic Coach since 2005 and has designed her own detailed system of analysis, to be able to work with and understand the psychological nature of each individual.
Try this type of consultation if you want to gain a deeper understanding of your mental and emotional states, while learning effective natural tools that can be used to balance and treat a range of mental challenges. You can expect to talk about aspects of your relationships and family history, including an analysis of the male female dynamics and how this is influencing your life. These consultations are longer so that we can assure that you receive the right level of emotional support and guidance.
You can have this type of session only after you have already completed a general consultation, this is to make sure that there is a foundation of trust between you and Dr. Sood, and that the basics have already been covered.
Consultation charges : 100 $ per hour

What can I achieve from a psychological consultation?

From this you should gain a greater degree of self-awareness and be able to start evaluating your own behaviour and the reasons for it. Once you can better understand interactions between yourself and others (including the intention behind these interactions) you will naturally gain clarity and feel calmer and more confident.
In the session you will be given personalised Ayurvedic tools and advice on how to balance your internal stresses or anxiety, along with recommendations of herbs that you can take to help to balance your mind.

“I had more emotional difficulties and more recently physical problems. I feel more equipped to be able to deal with these now and understand how the basics need to be corrected. I was so busy with solving things rather than understanding that I lost touch with myself. Dr Shivani’s psychological help was really useful. I wish I had this simpler understanding earlier.”

-Laura, Canada


Ayurvedic psychology and herbs are a way to understand and support the patient through natural help, but when going through psychological imbalances or any psychiatric problems do not stop any chemical prescription from your doctor without his/her approval and supervision.

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