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Empowered, relaxed & Lighter via treatments and study


I just finished my first Panchakarma treatment. It was a wonderful experience. The high professionality of the doctors and therapists is combined with a friendliness which comes from the heart. This made me feel very relaxed at Shivani’s clinic. Also the infrastructure is very good. What makes a treatment at Shivani’s unique is their own signature style. This means that not only the body is detoxified but also the mind is taken into account. The emotional release sessions during the Panchakarma went very deep. This technique convinced me so much that I booked additional psychological consultations with Dr. Shivani. Even though I felt I had no really significant problems in life these sessions brought up deep hidden emotions and past conditionings - and let them pass away. The stay at Shivani’s does not only mean that your body and mind are „treated“ and detoxified. It also means learning a lot about how or body and mind work. In order to deepen this knowledge a Self Empowerment Course is offered at Shivanis which teaches about the basics of Ayurveda an how to apply these prinicples in everyday life. To take this course parallel to the treatment is very valuable. After twelve days of treatment I just feel amazing. My mind feels incredibly clear and awake and my body feels light and vibrant. I was too much in my mind when I arrived, stressed out from work. Now it feels like my body, mind and heart are balanced again which makes me feel very connected. I am very grateful for this experience and I wish that more and more people can discover this wonderful Art of Life. From the heart I can say that Shivani’s was exactly the right place for me to do the treatment and I can highly recommend it. For me their approach is incredibly valuable and, I think, incomparable. Thank you Dr. Shivani and Dr. Mahesh Kumar and thanks to all the therapists. I will definitely come back. Feedback Shivani Clinic, 06.05.2017, Andrea Panigrahi, Switzerland, Germany, 15th November 2012

Germany, 15th November 2012

24 May 2017

The words of Wisdom from the Doctors


The words of wisdom for our Doctors From the moment I met Dr.ShivaniSood in 2009, I felt the power of her vibrant Qi, or what the Chinese call energy, and what is known in her Ayurvedic tradition as prana. She was coming to Kaua'i ( Hawaii ) US from the Dharmasala area of India where she had a thriving Ayurveda clinic. I had organized for her to teach a women's health program at our Qigong school and healing centre. Though Ayurveda comes from India and Qigong from China, I felt strongly that these ancient self-healing systems were complementary and together held the answer to many of our current health dilemmas in the West. Dr Sood arrived with her Ayurveda practitioner husband Dr Mahesh and their delightful one-year old daughter . She was clearly an evolved mother who had learned how to juggle her professional responsibilities with a busy but happy home life. Nyasa was brimming with radiant health, eagerly awaiting her mother at the end of each long day after Shivani taught in our classroom or attended to a long line of clients. As her organizer, I can honestly say that my students and I were impressed by her knowledge and the wisdom that seemed to live in her very bones. She gave the students the confidence to care for their own health, educating them about simple and effective methods to prevent illness and treat existing conditions the natural Ayurveda way. Foreword for the book Maternity with Ayurveda By Daisy Lee Founder and president of Radiant Lotus

Daisy Lee

29 May 2017

Feeling a Quiet Heart & lightness of being


I recently experienced a dearly needed rejuvination. The expertise /compassion of both Dr's addressed both my physical & mental state. After 10 days of Panchakarma i feel a " lightness of being'- a calmness of heart & body. Thank you ever so much. I highly recommend the Hotel & Clinic to those travelers whom desire to be above the din of Dharmsala , near the freshness of the forrested Mountains. Richard Ian Greene , Santa fe. N.M. USA

Richard Ian Greene

02 Jun 2017

Panchakarma treatment


If you are here it is very good! This is prop ably the best place on earth to start a new happy and clean life. It has an amazing experience to do Panchakarma here with all the love from dr.shivani and mahesh. They are amazing people and the staff is also are no words to say thanks for what help I received here! With love Michael March 2017


10 Jun 2017

Emotional Release


I arrived for my first time in India, in need of healing. I fortunately discovered the Shivani clinic after I received a recommendation, from a friend. The consultation was professional, in depth and came with a very accurate analysis. I felt comfortable at all times and learnt a lot about my Prakrit and Vikrati. Dr Kumar was very precise and reassuring in taking care of the present problems first. Post consultation, we decided on the emotional release sessions. Since taking the Emotioal Relese Sessions, with Dr Sood, I have felt much more connected to my body and found a deep sense of awareness from within. Dr Sood skillfully works and helps the body release the imprints left from trauma. I have gained a greater understanding of my needs and wants since the sessions. I now understand the importance of the feminine and masculine energies and their relationship in connection with the body. I can feel such powerful transformation happening. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart


26 Jun 2017

Ayurvedic Consultant Course, and the magic begins...


In the last day of Online Ayurvedic Consultant Course, level 1 I felt the urge to share with you my happiness for doing it. I'm thrilled about all that I learned and it seems strange that the month passed so quickly. This course gave me the self awareness and self knowledge I felt I needed. The way Shivani Clinic put things, the perspective goes into a level that I really felt the progression, from simple concepts, when the dots were (and still are) connecting themselves and gradually I was able to see the whole picture. Well, not the whole because I’m still and I always will an apprentice, but at least I feel I had an intense and profound glimpse. It’s still echoing and hopefully will go on. At the beginning I was a little bit skeptical in studying Ayurveda online, I mean I was never a fan of distant learning and for me, be able to be faced and personally with whom is sharing knowledge with me is a blessing. Nevertheless, Dr. Shivani suggested me this first level online way so I could start my learning path at my own pace. Definitely, it was beyond my expectations and fortunately I began like this. Now, with the Ayurveda structural concepts and feeling self empowered, I’m ready to delve in deeper. There is a very simple expression which reverberate so much in myself, “you cannot heal the world until you heal yourself” and that’s exactly what I feel with this first level. A step to my own healing, through simple self awareness activities, self observation, self listening and self embrace. More than ever I want to meet them in person in Shivani Clinic and learn deeper the "magic" of Ayurveda. Just by thinking of it I feel my whole body and soul smiling and clapping ? I thank you doctors, I thank myself and I thank Universe for this blessing. My heart is full of love and grattitude. I can’t wait to deeply inhale in Dharamsala, smile and start the second level! :) Love, faith and flowers, From a portuguese beautiful forest to the World

Andreia Rodrigues

07 Jul 2017

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