Our Vision


Our Mission

To help empower our patients with the issues they would like to heal, and help them reach optimal levels of health through our treatments. To achieve this we uniquely combine ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with a modern psychological approach, well suited to the contemporary needs and lifestyles of the times. We gently encourage our clients to embrace their individuality and support them throughout the holistic process. With this method and our highly professional approach we have become the preferred choice for those looking for deeper understanding and personalized treatment to address, stabilize and balance their health.

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Our Signature Style of Panchkarma

After 15 years of studies and intense work, enriched with our collective wide experience, we designed a brand new way to detoxify. Our research was mainly focused on ways of reformulating Panchakarma and customising it for every patient with trademark love and care. Our refined method is now based on traditional techniques combined with modern studies on the needs and challenges we face in contemporary life, and takes into consideration all aspects of our human nature.

We successfully help patients to lose weight, heal digestive system disorders (lactose intolerance, allergies), respiratory system disorders (asthma, chronic cough) and assist women on their way to successful pregnancy. The history of cases treated in our clinic is long but we are constantly looking forward, as every new patient who enters presents as a special and unique case.




Dr. Shivani Sood, (B.A.M.S, M.D, C.F.N)

An inspiring women who trust in the power of being a female and enjoying the different realms which it brings. She loves to be women, mother, wife, daughter, sister, and is able to harmonise it with being full-time Ayurvedic Doctor of her own style, very different from the league. Women empowerment has been a very important topic for her since she lectured in 2009 in Hawaii and was a part of A Women Empowerment Team and the Kauai Wellness Expo. She chose to tell the story of maternity from the beginning, when conception is the twinkle in a couple's eyes. Maternity with Ayurveda is a first book she has written, is ready to reach the English and Polish publishing houses in 2017. Continue reading....

Dr. Mahesh Kumar, (B.A.M.S, M.D, DMP)

Dr. Mahesh Kumar was born and grew up surrounded by nature, on the beautiful Islands of Andaman. He was introduced to spirituality by mantra chanting and yoga practice since an early age.
The interest in medicine was always resonating in him and helped him to find the right path to heal himself and others with the studies of Ayurvedic Medicine. He started his professional journey with a doctorate degree Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.), After the graduation, he decided to enrich his knowledge with learning more about the alternative science, and finally achieved the Master Degree in Alternative Medicine. He finished of his studies with a Diploma in Traditional Kerala therapies and Panchakarma .
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shivani sood book

Dr Shivani's Sood Book "Maternity with Ayurveda" to be released in 2017

Whether you are learning about Ayurveda for the first time or wishing to deepen your existing knowledge on natural health and healing, this book will give you and your baby a chance to discover and maintain optimum health in the child’s crucial early years.
Expectant mothers will find 'Maternity with Ayurveda – From Conscious Conception to Optimal Infancy' to be an invaluable guide to return to again and again, whether they are in the planning stage of starting a family or well in the throes of motherhood.

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Dr Shivani Sood is a part of 2009 Kauai Wellness expo along with prominent speakers like Deepak Chopra

Dr Shivani Sood is a part of 2009 Kauai Wellness expo along with prominent speakers like Deepak Chopra

Dr Shivani Sood is a part 2009 expo speakers along with world renowned Speakers like Deepak Chopra.