If you are feeling unwell, Take my QUIZ and get instant answers. Learn why knowing only your dosha imbalance is not enough!

I am a Professional member of NAMA and honourable member of Polish Association of Ayurveda PRANA and continue my journey to spread Ayurveda all across the globe.

Featured in four major affiliate news network for their work in Dharmasala.

How we can help you

Fundamentals of Ayurveda Consultancy

10-week intensive online certification course for becoming an Ayurveda Consultant, transforming your health, and gaining the knowledge to help others. This course joins the science of Dosha with the use of Ayurvedic psychology providing you with a structure

Online 1:1 Consultations & Coaching

Are you experiencing any physical or mental challenge? You feel that you have already tried everything but nothing worked? I will give you the appropriate holistic guidance and strategic map so as to navigate through the challenges you are experiencing.

Ayurvedic consultation and Treatment in our clinic

Our Modern and standardized clinic in Dharamshala helps you receive Ayurvedic treatments and therapies during the short duration of your stay. You can also consult our Internationally experienced Doctor for any of the ailments you have a concern with.

Maternity with Ayurveda

‘Maternity with Ayurveda – From Conscious Conception to Optimal Infancy’ is an invaluable guide through motherhood from Ayurvedic perspective. In this book, together with Monika Ptak-Korbacz, I share with you a profound Ayurvedic information, holistic health recommendations,

Our Signature Style of Panchakarma

After 15 years of studies and intense work, enriched with our collective wide experience, we designed a brand new way to detoxify. Our research was mainly focused on ways of reformulating Panchakarma and customising it for every patient with trademark love and care. Our refined method is now based on traditional techniques combined with modern studies on the needs and challenges we face in contemporary life, and takes into consideration all aspects of our human nature.

We successfully help patients to lose weight, heal digestive system disorders (lactose intolerance, allergies), respiratory system disorders (asthma, chronic cough) and assist women on their way to successful pregnancy. The history of cases treated in our clinic is long but we are constantly looking forward, as every new patient who enters presents as a special and unique case.


See what my students say about Ayurveda Consultant Course (ACOA-1)

“I was at a point in my life where I was very frstrated, anxious and confused. My health was shrinking but now I can say I have improved myself in a complete 360 dimention of body, mind and soul.

I am having and creating a very positive impact on myself”.

Barbara Patcrewicz

ACOC-1 Course 6th Edition

“I was keen on getting the knowledge behind the cause of my falling health and how to deal with it. Problems like improper sleep cycle, hormonal imbalances were normal.

But now I can say all these problems have improved drastically especially the psychological aspects of mine”.

Anna Patrycja Filipowicz

Yoga Instructor



“Thank you for putting me back on track . I had lost hope but now I feel I want to improve my life very much”.

~ Client of Shivani Ayurveda

“Thank you for saving my life and reconnecting me with my self, I felt like a baby in your hands completely trusted”.

~ Client of Shivani Ayurveda

“The course helped me to dive deep into my mind and body and Dr. Shivani helped me find myself”.

~ Client of Shivani Ayurveda

“Through this course, I discovered the roots of my own problems not just in a health perspective but also in everyday decisions”.

~ Client of Shivani Ayurveda

Let’s stay in touch

Whether you have questions about Ayurveda or you need personal support and you are interested in 1:1 Ayurveda Consultation please contact me on info@shivaniayurveda.com

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Shivani Ayurveda

Coaching/Teaching lovers of Ayurveda how to use ancient knowledge to heal mental and physical issues of the 21st century. Providing a community for Ayurvedic consultants to balance themselves and grow their consultancy business.

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Shivani Ayurveda
📅 D - 2 Before the 5 days Positivity Challenge starts 🎉Day 5 - Morning Session - Dr Jolanta Domanska-Cajdler, Founder of The Friendly Clinic - A qualified Medical Doctor, Specialist in General and Internal Medicine, with a special interest in integrative and holistic medicine, mental health and psychology, an Ayurvedic Consultant, will be LIVE and presenting a talk on: “Remote working and schooling, How to remain on track with general and mental health during the pandemic.”___In this LIVE I will explain what factors from our daily life affects our mental health and wellbeing. How to recognise and address them naturally. I will advise how to look after ourselves and our loved ones. Many of us have teenagers at home so I will also talk about teenagers’ and young people’s wellbeing.I am looking forward to seeing you all there___This challenge will be happening on the facebook group "Ayurveda for a Healthy Life with Dr. Shivani Sood" click on the link below to join the group now: www.facebook.com/groups/shivaniayurveda/ ... See MoreSee Less
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Shivani Ayurveda
📅 D - 3 Before the 5 days Positivity Challenge starts 🎉Day 4 - Evening Session - Anna Lisicka on "CHAKRA BALANCING MEDITATION"On the 4th day of our challenge we will embark on a journey within our energy field, and experience a Chakra Balancing Meditation, led by Anna Yoga & Ayurveda with AnnaMake sure to save the date, and join the session on June 24th at 5pm CET 📅Chakras are “spinning wheels” of energy that run along the spine, and each chakra contributes to a part of our subtle body. Can you tell when your chakras are misaligned? If you feel disconnected to yourself or the world, you feel unhappy or confused, chances are that your chakras are out of sync.During this meditation we will be tapping into our energetic field and into our main chakras, recognizing and reconnecting with them, and setting an intention to remove energy blocks.When in balance:🌿 Root Chakra will help us to stay connected and grounded.🌊 Sacral Chakra will support our feelings to flow through us with ease.🔥 Solar Plexus Chakra will give us courage, discipline and confidence.💚 Heart Chakra will be our base of compassion, unconditional love and generosity of spirit.🌬 Throat Chakra will help us express ourselves openly, and live an authentic life.💭 Third Eye Chakra will bring clarity of thought, and strengthen our intuition.💫 Crown Chakra will draw us closer to the oneness of all beings.Life extends beyond what we can physically see with the eyes. By connecting with the subtle energy within us, we will open up new pathways to healing and growth. Make sure to save the date 🌿✨___This challenge will be happening on the facebook group "Ayurveda for a Healthy Life with Dr. Shivani Sood" click on the link below to join the group now: www.facebook.com/groups/shivaniayurveda/ ... See MoreSee Less
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