Restorative Clinical Panchakarma

This is a restorative Clinical Panchakarma ranging from 7 to 28 days in our residential clinic in Dharamshala under the guidance of our experienced doctor to reset your body. It helps you to restore your inner balance by integrating Ayurvedic restorative therapies, medicine and clinically helping you heal through stress, burnout and trauma.


Every stress manifests not only in the mind but also affects our body physiologically. Therefore by pushing yourself to perform under stress, you are only damaging your body.

You know it’s time to restore your health if you:

Are experiencing mood changes, feel negative and can’t focus
Are overthinking, overanalysing and feeling like you are not connected to your body
Sleep but it doesn’t restore your freshness in the morning or been through sleepless nights
Have been through challenging times and pushed your limits
Have back pain, neck pain or experience tension in your whole body which does not get better by any other medicines.
Feeling more and more tired every day and every task seems heavy

Revitalize your being: Restorative Panchakarma for balanced wellness

Relax, pamper and heal your body gently with clinical restorative therapies under clinical guidance.

Often we face a lot alone being brave and our bodies go through intense stress. So a necessary pause is essential to restore back to health and in our clinic, you can exactly receive that.

As Ayurveda suggests, we should not wait for sickness to manifest but take necessary action before it manifests or after we have been through challenging times.

For whom is this Panchakarma Treatment for ?

People who have gone through intense emotional or physical stress
People who have a need for rest but also want to do something for their health
People who do not want Panchakarma but just clinical wellness along with the most essential mild cleaning required
People who want to connect with their body and restore their physical health

Hello, I am




Dr. Mahesh Kumar has always been fascinated with the different ways science and tradition intermingle in the medical world. He started by completing his Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery in 1999, then earning his Diploma in Panchakarma from Kerala in 2002, and his Masters in Alternative Medicine in 2009.

His deep interest in Panchakarma brought him to South India, where he immersed himself in the hub of Ayurvedic medicine. While there, he discovered that Panchakarma is originally practiced as a relaxing treatment instead of a deeply radical cleansing and decided to include Marma treatments into his methodology, which allows for a faster client recovery.

Dr. Mahesh creates intensive treatment plans for patients using Ayurvedic herbs, therapies, and Panchkarma to heal chronic and acute problems.

As the Shivani Clinic founder, he has completed more than two thousand Panchakarma treatments, over 10,000 consultations, and 24 international projects.

Besides, he continues to research and work on the ancient science of Marma. He teaches specialized online programs for students who want to be trained in Marma and Ayurvedic therapies. This way, they can continue to offer treatments within the laws and resources available in the West.


See what my students say about Panchakarma Treatment

“This is my 2nd vist to clinic, I arrived last spring. Weak, fragile with a compromised immune system a low W.B.C and R.B.C counting, low body weight after battling 3rd stage anal cancer and having massive radiation & chemotherapy.

After one year I returned now cancer free. A body that is restored, renewed, revived, and reclaimed. My W.B.C & R.B.C counts is normal. It was panchakarma that restored me. I will return every year as this has been the most sacred & holy gift I have ever given to myself. I am 60 and never felted more alive

I thank you all. Love & Peace”.



“The care from the skill of Dr Mahesh, the loving touch and gentle words of the staff, the balace of organic food from the hotel… such great support changes my attitude to self care

A little blessed oasis of healing love in a changing India with wisdom, knowledge, commitment, love, care and healing.

With much love and Gratitude”.


Kerry Wright

Sydney, Australia

“The most amazing result I experienced after Panchakarma was that my physical symptoms of PMS (breast pain, back pain, feeling swelling on face & leg) completely disappeared and emotional symptoms diminished 90% and my digestion become very good.

I am very happy, open and light. Even now that it has been 4 months that i finished the treatment but outcomes remain the same.

Thanks Shivani Clinic team”.

Carolina Saraiva

“Thank you for saving my life and re-connecting me with myself. When I arrived I was so sick that I could not walk or breathe easily. After 5 days of panchakarma I was feeling better and now that the treatment ended I am feeling very happy, energetic and back on the track. I had great experience and I am very positive going back to my country.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart”.

Rim Daghmouri

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