Heal your digestive system

We believe in the concept, “We radiate what we absorb in our body”. This quote means that the physical nature of our body is a mirror image of how different organs of our digestive system are absorbs the food we consume.
Do you feel gassy, bloated, acidic and uncomfortable in your stomach? Does you stomach produce sounds? Are you stressed or unhappy? These are the signs and ways through which your body is trying to show you that it needs rest, on physical level, mental level or both . It also means you need to detoxify your body, modify diet, and couple it with a change in your psychology thinking and closely observing your relationship or profession might be a good first step. A good digestive system in Ayurveda starts with having a good Agni.Agni or Digestive Fire is con-sidered as the most important element for a healthy body and mind. Ayurveda believes that the key to good health lies not only in what we eat, but more in the quality of our digestion. The first step in analyzing your digestion and checking if you have a good Agni is asking yourself the following questions: Do you tend to eat or not eat at all when you are stressed? Do you eat just because it comforts you? Do you all of a sudden become excessively hungry and everything that you eat sim-ply passes through you? All these symptoms are clear signs that you have an irregular or hyperac-tive Agni. In both cases, the digestive system does not function properly and can make you serious-ly sick. It can result in a low / inadequate / excessive level of acid, harmful for the digestive system

Some simple steps can be taken to strengthen our digestive system

  1. Detoxify all the organs of your body
  2. Relax your mind, which will help the nervous system to pay full attention on digestion process.
  3. Change the food habits according to your unique body type.
  4. Eat proper amounts of freshly prepared food regularly
  5. Take herbs – they are always recommended to promote digestion or to calm down the diges-tive system .
  6. Don’t drink too much water after food, that dilutes the acids
  7. Keep fat tissue in check which means maintain a healthy weight
  8. Never overeat, respect your digestive system’s capacities
  9. Ensure clean and regular elimination
  10. Follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle which includes self-care every day.

Our clinic provides you a proper course in order to get initiated onto the path of a healthy mind, body and soul. We offer a unique combination of Ayurvedic healing and psychological solutions to all your problems. This includes Panchkarama procedures (marma, herbs, cleaning strengthening) that are helpful in digestive disorders Ayurvedic along with understanding your mind and lifestyle helps to overcome all diseases of digestive system.

Thanks to our combined therapies, many patients have cured their food intolerance to various in-gredients, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, acid imbalance, ulcer etc.

However it is important to make sure that the disease is not yet present in an active stage. For ex-ample it is not recommended to take any kind of intense detoxification to a patient with bleeding ulcer, as the body needs to heal first. The active disease should be treated before, so that the body can feel safe, relaxed and put full attention to detoxification and not to calm down the urgent prob-lem.

Tailor-made package of treatments is designed as per conditions. We welcome you at Shivani Ayurveda to learn heal or detoxify your digestive system, come with us not just to heal the symp-toms of your diseases but to completely heal the disease.